Coramba – Saturday 30th July 2022

Divers: Dave, Karl, Ben, Youri, Tim, Paul, Anton, Ian, Chris & Mark

With a world wide shortage of helium, we wanted to make sure we used the last of our helium up on the best wreck we could. The Coramba was the most searched for wreck in Victoria, with some teams going back 40 years when they started looking for the Coramba, until we found it it 2011. The weather was perfect, we had a 15 knot northerly, which had a little bit of surface slop, but otherwise the conditions were perfect. No swell, the viz was 20+ metres & from the time we entered the water we had a dozen seals with us the entire time, right up until the time we climbed the ladder back into the boat. A photographers paradise, the Coramba has a lot features to focus on, the twin screws possibly being the best. No matter how long your bottom time is, it’s never enough on a dive like this, we had our debrief at an old time favourite, the Kings Creek Hotel where it was agreed this was of the best dives we’ve done for some time.  


Stunning Sunrise!

Sunrise, waiting for our boat to arrive.









Closeup of Port Prop. Photo by Ian Scholey

Tim entering the Engine Room. Photo by Ian Scholey

Engine Room pipes etc. Photo by Ian Scholey



Port Side Prop. Photo by Ian Scholey