Devil’s Drop Off - Saturday 10th June 2017

Devil’s Drop Off – Saturday 10th June 2017

Divers: Jackson, Tim, Chris, Andrew, Sue, Mal & Mark

The fog on the road as we drove to Portsea was a good indicator that there was little to no wind, which of course meant we should have very good dive conditions. Devils Drop Off is an amazing part of the wall, it drops off very steeply which makes it very spectacular as a dive site. We were not disappointed as we drifted with the flooding tide, looking down over the edge of the wall, we can only imagine just how exciting it will be when we are able to dive to the depths required to make the absolute best of this dive site. Using buoyancy control to our advantage we are able to hover out over the drop off, looking back towards the wall as we slowly drift northwards, we come across all sort of interesting things. At first it’s the rock formations that get our attention, this soon turns to the aquatic life, we have Angle Rays, Port Jackson sharks, inquisitive Leather Jackets and of course Blue Devils.