Dragons Lair & Party Point - Saturday 10th January 2015

Dragons Lair & Party Point – Saturday 10th January 2015

Divers: Michael, Rachael, Max, Stina, Norm, Darren, Liam, Peter, Dan, Ben, Andrew, Ian, Mark, George & Mark

The surface swell & rain over the past couple of days conspired against us to produce viz of only about 5 metres, and quite a bit of surge as well, but we all enjoyed the dive and are now better divers for the experience. Unfortunately we swam into deeper water to avoid the surge but it seems the guys that swam into shallow water got the better dive. Mark Robo came across a herd of Seahorses, and others found all sorts of interesting areas to explore, ledges, crevices etc. Its not that our dive wasn’t good – its just the conditions have been so good for so long now we were just expecting it to be better!!

Our second dive on Party Point was good, although we were at the end of the slack before we jumped in the viz was 10 metres and no surge. We found an amazing ledge with a crayfish just sitting out in the open, he must have known we were in the Fishing Reserve. All too soon its time to surface so we send up our smb & drift in the current up and over the wall completing our safety stops.