Party Point – Monday 5th January 2015

Divers: Rost, Leo, Dima, Ian, Andrew, Michael & Mark

Surface crew: Victoria

When Rost told me his two friends were coming from Russia to do some diving, in particular to dive the Great Barrier Reef, I said they would be better off diving in Victoria, as it turns out I was right.

After a week of diving on the GBR Rost, Leo & Dima came with us for a dive on Lonsdale Wall, we dived an area called Party Point below is part of an email I received from the boys.

Thank you for the wonderful dive today – the guys were really blown away by “The Wall” – something Leon have not seen on his 300+ dives.

Perhaps just like: ‘Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain’ diving in your own back yard can get some what too familiar and not always given the accolades it deserves!!