Dunloe – 29th September 2013

Divers:  Youri, Keith, Louise, Paul & Mark

You may not believe this because I’m not sure I believe it myself, we dived the Dunloe yesterday morning in almost perfect conditions!! After meeting at Mornington Pier Saturday morning to either go for a dive or have breakfast, and with the 5 metre waves breaking over the pier I thought that’s the end of diving for the entire weekend. We had breakfast at the Rocks, then went home to watch Buddy play his last game with the Hawks and thinking that Sunday would be blown out for sure. However the call from DV to cancel Sunday never came, so we loaded up the cars and headed down to Portsea Sunday morning. Surprised at how good the conditions were at the pier and even more surprised when we steamed out through the Heads to be meet by some rather calm water. The original plan was to dive the Batman however we have dived the Batman several times over the past few weeks, so we put in a request for a change of dive site. The Duloe was an Iron Barque and therefore difficult to pick up on the sounder (no boilers or engine), so it took a bit of time to make sure we did in fact have our shot on the site. The viz was about 20metres on the bottom and with only 6 divers in the water, we had it all to our selves. Keith ran a line out over the length of the ship just to check the length and it was 180 feet long, just as the Dunloe should be.  By the time we finished the dive and started for home the wind was picking up and the white caps were starting, but it just goes to show when it comes to the sea, especially in Melbourne – anything can happen!!