TSS Coramba – 22nd September 2013

Divers:  Youri, George, Push, Tim, Mick & Ben
Surface crew: Mark, Martin, Justin, Jonathan & Vikki

As seen on Justine Mackenzie’s report on the Channel Nine News.
Our final task to complete our work on the Coramba culminated in the burial of the remains of two of the descendants, on behalf the families of the Captain and crew of the ship. On board with us is John Sullivan and his fiancé Julie. John is the grandson of Seaman John Sullivan and it is John’s father (John) who along with Captain Dowling’s son (Jack) ashes we are placing on the wreck. Des Williams read the service and the 2 Marble boxes were lowered into the water to the dive team waiting to swim the ashes to the wreck site. 95 minutes later the divers returned to the surface, one by one the divers are welcomed back onboard, not only excited that they have just completed a great dive but also knowing they have played a major role in bringing some closure to the families. We turn the head for port, it has been a successful day and the somber mood soon turns to joy as all onboard start to feel relief that the mystery of one of Australia’s greatest maritime disasters is now coming to an end.

John Sullivan and Des Williams                    Divers descending with the ashes.

A toast of rum!