Eaglehawk Neck Tassie – Easter April 2019

Divers: Youri, Josh, Ben & Mark
Surface Support: Rose & Vikki

Very rarely do we get blown out at Eaglehawk over Easter, unfortunately this year was this was not the case. We dived on our arrival on Good Friday is almost perfect conditions, however, both Saturday & Sunday blew strong nor’easterly’s which knocked out most of our preferred sites. Like all good teams we were able to adapt and over come the issues – we visited Salamanca Market, restaurants, wineries, oyster farms & Gin distilleries. Monday the wind had dropped enough for us to get a dive in on the ever popular wreck of the Nord, before we needed to start the journey home, by first stopping in at the Richmond Bakery (again) for a well deserved Curried Scallop pie and then it was onto the ferry and back to Melbourne.    



Steam Engine

Ben & Youri