Mornington Pier – Saturday 27th April 2019

Divers: Des, Simon & Mark

The good news for the Ripcurl Bells Classic this weekend is the 8-9m waves they are experiencing. It’s not so good news for us divers though. So with most boat dives cancelled we decided to do a dive at Mornington and whilst there, inspect the area for the spread of the pest Northern Pacific Sea Star. I am happy to report that, with all things considered, dive conditions were quite good, and that there is virtually none of the pesty Northern Pacific Sea Stars about. It maybe due to the water temperature dropping to 15 degrees, or hopefully, because the local hero, 11 Arm Sea Star has been able to defend his territory and keep the bad guys away. As standard operating procedures require, coffee and lunch was at Lilo, just to top of a very pleasant mornings dive.



The local – 11 Arm Sea Star



The invader – Northern Pacific Sea Star