Euro – Sunday 28th October 2012

Divers:   Brenden, Youri, Chris, Dazza & Mark

The good weather with the good dive conditions has finally returned, and just how good was the weekend?? 10 knot variable winds, a gentle rolling swell and 10plus metre viz on sunday. Fortunately we didn’t have too many divers on the boat which meant everyone got to swim through the engine room down past the boilers, past the explosion hole, I did note there has been some collapse of the steel sheets here, then we come out of the forward hold, without the usually crowd. We swam around the bow & then headed for the stern, which again I notice there has been quite a bit of deterioration. Then back to the shot line to start our ascent. Chris our deckkie had given a short but relevant briefing on the history of the Euro as a tug boat & details of its scuttling – I think this was a graet touch, it helped make the dive a little bit more interesting for some of divers and added to the overall experience.