Euro – Sunday 8th March 2015

Divers: Andrew, Ben, Roger, Youri, Pete, Nick, Leo, Spike & Mark

Possibly the most dived wreck in the Graveyard, the Euro is always a popular dive, so of course the boat is always full. Our plan was to start at the stern, then drop down under the main deck, swimming forward along the Port side we pass the 2 toilets, the triple expansion engine and then we are at the boiler. Here we have to cross over to the Starboard side allowing us to get past the boiler. This is also where the explosive hole from the scuttling is, once past the boiler we are now under the main deck of the bow. There is an anchor on the main deck, but this is not the Euro’s anchor, this anchor is how they secured the tow rope when towing her out to be scuttled. From here we ascend through the deck, swimming around the bow we make our way to the bridge. By the time we have made it back the stern its time to ascend. What an interesting ascent it is, while doing our 30 minutes of decompression we have dozens of crabs swimming around us, they have all swum up from 45 metres below and are cruising around at 6 metres!!