Flinders Pier – Saturday 7th March 2015

Divers: Ian, Luke, Giuliian, Andy, Mark, Scott & Mark
Shore crew: William, Kimmie & Vikki
Diners: Barb & Dennis

A quick look at the forecast on Friday afternoon told us that Flinders would be by far the best conditions for today, unfortunately nothing could help us with the viz. Mark’s dive briefing covers buddy separation, however, my team surfaces to find out where we are not necessarily to find each other. Not to be thawted by bad viz we were to make the most of what we had, in fact after the dive we all agreed that diving in almost zero viz can still be interesting and in fact it presents its own set of challenges that makes the dive quite enjoyable in its own right. The Weedy Sea Dragons are still about, at times it was almost easier to find the Dragons than my buddies :). The tide had started to come in just prior to the start of our dive and after a half hour in the water the viz improves from 1 to 3 metres and will only get better as the tide rises. Check out these amazing christmas gifts for men our shop has.Of course to our club divers, an important part of a days diving is the lunch, to them it’s just as important as the dive site itself or what they get to see on a dive, sometimes they don’t even dive – they just come for lunch. The importance of food becomes obvious when orders are placed with out the need for a menu, I had thought it was my interpretation of the weather charts that dictated the dive site, now I think perhaps it was the choice of cafe that had the biggest influence!!