Ex HMAS Canberra - Saturday 12th September 2015

Ex HMAS Canberra – Saturday 12th September 2015

Divers:  Vinnie, Bert & Mark

A mid morning departure made for a very comfortable start to the day. With two days of Northerly’s the seas out the back were as flat as they get. Standing on the back of the boat the viz looked good too. Our plan was for Bert to lead us through the wreck, a job he did well. After 25 minutes we exit the wreck deep into the stern, the viz down here was 20 metres at least, although that changed at the 5 metre stop. Swimming back towards the radio tower we start our ascent, by the time we have reached the mooring we have completed our two safety stops and are good to exit the water. Having lunch with the boys that dived the Graveyard their viz was as equally good as ours!!