Ex HMAS Canberra – Sunday 24th May 2015

Divers – Nick, Ross & Ian

The day started off quite well, although a bit cool. The bay and outside the heads were very flat with only about a metre swell if that. Great conditions to go diving in. We already new that the visibility wasn’t going to be very good because of what earlier divers had said, and also I think because of all the rain that we have had in the past few days. When we jumped in the visibility was about two to three metres around the deck area and much less towards the bottom. Water temp was a cool 16 degrees. Our group of three stayed together even though there was a bit of surge and we ended up going down to the stern first then made our way back to the bridge before we started to do our safety stops. Everyone had a good dive and look forward to the water visibility getting clearer.

Ian Peterson