Flinders Jetty – Saturday 31st March 2012

Visibility: 7m         Water Temperature: 19 Degrees

Divers: Vinny, Mick, Phil, Glen, Mark, Tracey, Chiara,Tom & Vikki

Surface Crew: Sue

Due to the wind blowing from the north, we really only had one option for our dive this Saturday, and that was to dive at Flinders again. We dived this site two weeks ago, for exactly the same reason, but this week it was a completely different site to the one that we dived a couple of weeks prior. A slight current was running, and the vis, even though it was still good, wasn’t as good as last time. A few of us bought along cameras, and took some nice shots of the pylons, and the Seedy Weadragons. As we swam along and searched through the thick carpet of sea grass we saw Stingrays, Cowfish, schools of Barber Perch, Longfin Pike, Globefish and Southern Pygmy Leatherjackets. It was great to be able to share the excitement and enthusiasm of a couple of our new divers Vinny & Glen…….if you guys thought that this dive was great, hold on to your seahorses, coz you’re in for the ride of your life!!!

Thanks to Mick for the photos