Flinders Jetty – Saturday 7th January 2012

Visibility: 15m
Water Temperature: 21 Degrees

Divers: Deon, Robert, Rachael, Scott, Wolf, Mark, Yong, Grace, Norm, Rick, Mick, Vikki

Surface Crew: Ali & Finley

Mark Robinson had dived at Flinders Jetty about a week ago and said that the vis was 20m and he saw 50 (?????) Seadragons. I must admit, I did raise one eyebrow when he told me that. But, after diving there today I now know he was telling the truth! (Sorry for doubting you buddy J ).Blessed with great conditions and a high tide, we were able to spend 90 minutes under the Jetty. My buddy, Scott, had a ‘whizz bang’ camera , and was getting some magnificent photos of groups of 5 and 6 Seadragons together. Many of the Seadragons were carrying eggs. Really, I cannot count the times that I have dived this site, but today the Seadragons were at their most spectacular. As well as all the usual fish such as Magpie Perch, Goatfish, Tasmanian Blenny, Old Wifes, Bluespotted Goatfish & Bridled Leatherjacket, many of us saw the large resident
stingray. This is a great dive to do regularly so we can watch the breeding process of the Seadragons.


Thanks to Scott & Deon for the photos