Flinders Pier – Saturday 13th April 2013

Divers: Vikki, Chris, Julie, Phil, Ian, Mark, Trevor, Deon, Jan, Mick & Mark

With the wind blowing from the North/East Flinders was proving to be a very popular dive site. There were several photographers already in when we arrived and quite a few more groups turned up later once they had worked out that the front beaches were wiped out with the Northerly.  From all reports the boat diving conditions were nothing special, although apparently PP managed to make the best of a bad situation as usual. The viz here was down to about 3-5 metres but as always the diving was still great, with several large schools of Juvenile Leather Jackets to be seen and the ever popular Weedy Sea Dragons were out in force. Some of us did 75 minutes in the water & we could easily have done another 75, however the brief from our DM was to head off to lunch after the dive & there is no way we were going to interfere with the shore divers and their eating. So it was off to Red Hill Bakery which is the norm when we dive at Flinders, one thing about diving in the cooler months is that a warm lunch tastes so much better.