Flinders Pier – Saturday 22nd April 2017

Divers: Mark, Lucas, Adam, Julie, Bert & Mark

Our selected dive site for today was Mornington Pier, however a Northwesterly breeze put an end to that. The swell coming through the pier would make it uncomfortable for diving and it would also destroy any viz that might have been there Friday. So off to Flinders we drove, Flinders Pier is the good old fall back for when conditions on Port Phillip Bay are unsuitable. Having said that, Flinders is a great dive in itself, home to the famous Weedy Sea Dragon and many other local species of fish.  The viz was 6-8 metres, with just a slight surge. Flinders is always the place to find a Weedy Sea Dragon, however, today they were few and far between, still there are plenty of juvenile fish about and half the fun of seeing the variety of fish is the thrill of the finding. Lunch was at Red Hill, where we had plenty of time to discuss our dive and plan for our next adventure underwater.