Flinders Pier – Saturday 28th January 2017

Divers: Josh, Victor, Elisabeth, Mick, Vikki, Stuart, Mark Robo, Lucas, Macca, Vinnie, Ian, Greg, Gary  & Mark
Surface Crew: Victoria & Michelle

Shore dives are a great place to sort out issues, whether it be equipment or diver related, the best place is in the shallows of a controlled environment like a shore dive. Today we had all sorts of divers for all sorts of reasons. Some hadn’t been in the water for a few weeks (or a few years!!), some were sorting out their dive gear and some just wanted to dive the site. I think those sorting out dive gear seemed to get on top of things in that regard, and others were able to blow out a few cob webs. Elisabeth and Victor just wanted to see a Weedy Sea Dragon and I had promised them they would see one here at Flinders. Having staked my reputation as an Underwater Naturalist, saying that they would see one, I buddied them up with Mick L, I new if anyone could find one he could!! Of course he didn’t let me down and everyone really enjoyed the dive. There were a couple of Bull Rays swimming with us, a Barracuda & some ‘Kingy’s’ as well. Victoria, always the team player, volunteered to be shore supervisor, sacrificing her own dive for the safety and enjoyment of others. With 20degree water and 15metre viz this was another great dive in what is starting to turn into a great diving season.


Photo by Victor.