Flinders Pier – Saturday 9th January 2016

Divers: Jan, Trevor, Tony, Paul, Vinnie, Mark Robbo, Vikki (and almost Mick & June), and a couple of snorkelling friends 🙂

The weather conditions were so good that we could have dived almost anywhere….so we chose Flinders Jetty, and so did the rest of the Melbourne diving community! We had never seen Flinders so busy, with almost every carpark taken by divers.
As usual, Flinders Jetty didn’t disappoint. We saw our share of sea dragons and even though the water wasn’t tropically clear we were treated to a wonderful show by the large resident stingray. We hovered at a respectful distance and we were rewarded by the stingray swimming gracefully around us. It was good to see some of our regular summer divers dipping their fins in the wetsuit friendly 18° water, and to be joined by a couple of snorkelling friends.