Flinders’ Pier – Sunday 5th May 2019

Divers: James, Thomas, Nick, Ethan, Clare, Ian & Mark

We arrived at the jetty to be greeted with almost perfect dive conditions and not another diver in sight!! The sun was shining, the water was flat, the carpark was empty and the water temperature is still 15 degrees. We did two dives, by the time we entered the water for our second dive, another group had turned up and were just about to jump in. Admittedly the viz was down, so I can understand the photographers not being out in force, but diving was still fun and relaxing with no swell/current at all. Just to top off a great morning of diving, there is now a food van in the carpark selling freshly cooked mussels, served with your choice of sauces and an optional chilly sauce, they also came with a very nice freshly baked bread stick!!