The Grotto – Saturday 14th February 2015

Divers: Pete, Giullian, George, Ian, Jen, Mark, Vikki , Leo, Peter, Tony, Kym, Kristian,Elise, Emily & Mark

The heavens opened up on Friday night and the drizzle was still coming down on Saturday morning as we drove to Portsea, which, from a dive point of view is usually a good sign as the light drizzle, more often than not, means flat water – although a lot of rain can sometimes mean poor visibility. Fortunately for us that wasn’t the case today, we had oily flat water & 30m viz. Slack water also seemed to last for a very long time which was great because we were having such an awesome dive, plenty to see – crays, Port Jacksons and the fish live was plentiful. The good viz allowed us to see a lot of the other Aquability divers off in the distance, most of whom had their heads under ledges with torches flashing through the weed. By the time we had finished our dive and were having a cool drink drink the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, talk soon turned to the dive we had done that morning and the comments are all to familiar – how good is the diving in Melbourne!!