J4 Sub & Devils Drop Off - Saturday 21st February 2015

J4 Sub & Devils Drop Off – Saturday 21st February 2015

Divers:  Steve, Geoff, George, Giullian & Mark

Expectations were high for good dive conditions and rightly so with the weather we’ve been having lately, and although not as good as we expected, the conditions were still excellent. We were greeted at the dive site with oily flat water and good viz, only a light current, but quite a bit of surge due to the rolling seas. We were comfortably able to cover all but the back 1/3 of the boat, and see all we needed to see on this dive. The schooling fish didn’t seem to in abundance as they usually are around the conning tower, in fact not a lot of fish life at all really – well not that I saw any way.
Our Wall dive was fantastic as well, again we get great conditions and we’re on a really nice part of the wall. There are plenty dive boats about and at one point we drift past a small boats anchor, still attached to a fishing boat – I hope he got that up before the tide started to run! When the tide does start to run we end our dive, Steve shot a SMB & we all drift in the current doing our safety stops.