HC Piggott – Sunday 24th January 2016

Divers:  Ben, Youri, Push, Tim, Mal & Mark

We had planned to dive the Piggott today so that we could use this opportunity to check out the marks for the Burke which seems to be out of whack lately. It was soon apparent that the marks for the Burke were not 100% accurate, however it only took a couple of minutes to find it about 30 meters away. The boys will be diving this site on Tuesday & hopefully confirm that we do in fact now have accurate marks for the Burke. Our dive on the Piggott was a great dive despite the fact that the viz was down a bit – about 8-10 metres. Not that 8-10 metres is bad but after the last few weeks of diving, we were expecting better. We also had that Thermocline once again, where the water temperature drops to about 13 degrees once below about 38metres. Being a Hopper Barge, there is not  a lot of ship that remains and this site is deteriorating quite a bit, especially mid ships were the Hopper was.