Hygeia – Tuesday 29th December 2015

Divers: Ben H, Andrew, Tim, Roger, Matt, Ben J & Youri
What a beautiful day to be out at sea today. The target for today is the Hygeia, a Paddle Steamer used in theĀ earlyĀ nineteen hundreds, she was scuttled in the Shipsā€™ Graveyard at a dept of 60m. The Hygeia is not dived very often because its in the shipping channel, but today there was not much shipping and we had a time slot to dive it. So we were all pretty wrapped, some of us haveĀ tried to dive the Hygeia multiple times, but had to dive another site due to shipping.
My teamĀ Ā descended upon the paddle wheels, then we inspected the stern section before heading to the bow. We just managed to do a full lap before our bottom time was up and we had to start our long way back to the surface. The viz was about 15 metersĀ which made it a very comfortable dive and smooth ascend. As usual we concludedĀ the day with a pub meal and a nice cold beer, discussing our next adventures.