Rye Pier – Tuesday 29th December 2015

Divers:  Mark, Ray, Olivia, Angel, Scott, Caitlin, Daniel, Maureen, Andrew & Mark

All I can say about todays dives is WOW!!! Conditions were better than perfect, we arrived at the dive site early-ish and everyone gets a great carpark – sorting out the on line payment system for parking is a challenge, but we were up to it. Oily flat water, not a cloud in the picture perfect sky & 8-10 metre viz was only the start of a great day. The fish are teaming and swimming under the jetty is difficult trying to avoid swimming into the schools of fish. However the best is yet to come, as we were starting our descent we had to wait for the Giant Bull Ray to move from underneath us, when we swam to the end of the jetty and he was there waiting for us. He then spent the rest of our dive swimming with us, at one point swimming side by side with me as we swam back to the ladder. He looked disappointed as we climbed the ladder at the end of our second dive to make our way to lunch.