J1 & Coogee – Saturday 22nd May 2021

Divers: Ben, Youri, Ian, Chris, Josh, Anton & Mark


What a beautiful autumn day it was today, the sun was shinning & not a breath of wind. The viz is still down a bit although very manageable & just made for better buddy contact :). We dived the J1 first & I think there were a few just happy to be back in the water, Ben & Youri were on their scooters & really made the most of their time in the water. We dropped just aft of the conning tower, swimming up the starboard side of the sub & then around the bow, back to the conning tower – now its time to ascend. The Coogee was fun as always & the low viz meant focusing on the smaller things on the site, the things that often get overlooked when the viz is good.