J1 Sub – Saturday 9th February 2013

Divers: Ben, Paul & Mark

The good weather has certainly brought the divers out as our boat was packed to the gunnels as we motored out through the Heads. We decided to kit up last & avoid the rush, which worked out well for us because by the time we got into the water, descended down the line & made our way to the motor hatch, everyone else had been through the sub & were on their way back to the surface. We swam from one end to the other through the sub, the J1 doesn’t allow you to exit from the torpedo room so we need to turn around and swim back to the break in the sub to exit. Ascending,  to surface in almost perfect conditions, flat seas, blue skies and the warm summer sun, after diving we debriefed at Buckly’s in Sorrento which just topped off a great day of diving.