Flinders Jetty - Saturday 26th January 2013

Flinders Jetty – Saturday 26th January 2013

Visibility: 12m+                  Water Temperature: 22°
Divers: Rebekah, Louise, Keith, Brad, Stuart, Bill, Vinnie, Geoff, Mark
Surface Crew: Judith, Vikki, (& Phil made a last minute visit , just catching the tail end)Because we had a great dive here the week before, and the weather conditions dictated, we headed back to Flinders Jetty, along with Brenden, Chris, their rebreathers and their KISS instructor, Mark Ryan. The tide was in making for super easy access in and out of the water. A couple of divers armed with some very serious photography equipment were in paradise taking photos of the fantastic Weedy Seadragons, and the very large resident Sting Ray. A great time was had by all!

Thanks to Brad for the photo of Brenden & Chris.


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