J1 Sub – Sunday 27th May 2018

Divers:  Tim, Roger, Paul, Youri, Ben, Josh, Daren, Foti, Anton  & Mark

Lights northerly’s made for a nice crossing of the Heads as we made our way out the dive site, once there the water is a dark blue colour, about 15 metres of viz makes for avery nice dive. Diving in the colder months in Melbourne really does produce the best of conditions, the car parks aren’t as full, the boats aren’t as full and certainly the water is by far the best that it gets!! My team have the shortest run time so we are last to get in to the water, the shot line is at the bow of the sub, so we spend most of our time checking out the bow and then swimming towards the stern until we run out of bottom time, then it’s time to start our ascent.