J4 & The Grotto – Sunday 6th April 2014

Divers: Daniel, Ben, Timo & Mark

Standing on the pier listening to the tekkies getting off the boat talking about the 2 metre viz on their Graveyard dive didn’t fill us with much hope for good diving conditions, with a strong Ebb tide running and a Southwesterly wind, the Heads were fairly choppy as well. However once outside the seas flattened off and when we entered the water, I could see the sub from about 12metres down. Our viz was at least 15metres although we did have quite a bit of surge overall it was a great dive. Our second dive was the The Grotto & the viz here wasn’t all that great about 3 metres I’d say, this was the end of the ebb so it was never going to be good. I think slack water had been and gone by the time we got in, however we still enjoyed the dive.