Bunninyong – Sunday 30th March 2014

Divers: Peter, Tim, Paul, Warren, Ben, Youri
Getting up at unreasonable hours, drive for an hour and a half, carrying loads of tanks on a boat. We often think why, when does the fun start. But on a beautiful day like Sunday, when the sea is as flat as a pool table, we know this is why we do it.
Target for today is the Bunningyong,  a steamship which lies at 53m, she was a passenger ship that was converted to a cargo ship later in her career.
The descent was promising, however once below 40m someone turned the light off. The viz was not great to say the least. We nearly swam past the massive boilers without noticing them. It took us a good 20 minutes to swim from one side to the other as there is plenty of things to look at. It will take a couple of dives to see it all. Despite the viz, it was a great dive and a beautiful day at sea, finshed with a perfectly grilled steak and beer.