J4 Sub & Coogee – Saturday 8th February

Divers: Ben, Jim, Julie, Mick, Brendan, Timo & Mark

The forecast was for a hot day but out on the water with a cool sea breeze the conditions could not have been better. The viz on the J4 was a bit milky on the bottom due to the fact that we were diving it on a Ebb tide, once back at about 20 metres the viz was at least 30m. The Coogee however was  dived on the Flood and did that make a difference, 30m all the way!! The visibility the last 12 months or so has been the best we’ve had for years – I don’t ever remember getting 30+ metres week after week before. So hopefully the good viz is here to stay for a while. We have always told our OW students that diving in Melbourne is as tough as it gets, looks like I’ll have to change that from now on!!