J4 Sub – Sunday 13th June 2015

Divers: Glen, Luke, Simon, Vinnie, Warren & Mark

Winter is by far the best time of the year to dive, the roads are empty, the car parks are empty, the change rooms are empty & the boats are half empty. The sea conditions are great, the viz is great (now) and yesterday the sun was shinning!! Descending down onto the sub we can see the wreck from the shot line which is about 10m off the wreck, we start our dive at the stern and making our way foreward to the bow. With minimal surge, the divers that did enter the wreck are have a great dive, once at the bow we are checking out the torpedo tubes when we reach minimum gas and have to surface. We shoot a SMB & start our ascent, we get on the boat & no one has been fussed at all by the 14 degree water temperature, because we have just had a fantastic dive and lunch arrangements are soon to be made.