Beverwjk – Saturday 20th June 2015

Divers:  Chris, Spike, Andrew & Mark

Ideal conditions  greeted those that made the effort to get out of bed early on Saturday. The swell that was predicted to rise late in the afternoon did not eventuate. The viz is still down slightly on what we would normally expect for this time of the year, but it is getting better. The shot line was dropped onto the boilers, we didn’t really adventure too far from here, at 45m in low viz the issue of keeping the team together meant spending a bit more time than normal on communications, our team leader Andrew was well up to the challenge. When it was time to ascend we were all well placed to make the ascent in perfect formation. Once back on board the boat we soon started to discuss the location of our dive & to try and piece together we we were on the site, not that it really matters, we had a great team, a great dive and a great lunch afterwards!!