J4 Sub – Sunday 9th August 2015

Divers: Nick, Sam, Ian, Simon, Vinnie, Roger, Ben & Mark

We divided up into teams, as everyone had some thing to achieve on this dive. Some of us were just wanting a relaxing dive to get back into it after not diving for a few weeks, some just wanted to sort out some equipment & others, well they wanted hard core penetration through the crew quarters. I think every one got what they wanted!! The 12 degree water temperature meant cutting back on our bottom time for the second dive, no point getting cold and uncomfortable, so once the chill set in we decided to call the dive, surface and then prepare for lunch. Although the viz is still not great it is getting better and we are not getting the 1-2 metre viz any more, with 7-10 metres on the weekend, I think we still have some good diving days ahead of us.