J5 Sub – 25th August 2013

Divers: Dan & Mark

The swell was less than a metre and the viz about 8-10 metres as we descended down onto the sub, with only 2 other divers on the boat Dan & I had it all to ourselves. Dropping in through the engine removal opening we first swam towards the bow, I can’t help but notice how much this sub has deteriorated since my last dive here. Heritage Victoria have arranged to have some sacrificial anodes installed on the site to help slow the deterioration, however this will not help much when sheets of iron 3 metres square are falling off. The bulkheads are still in place and this makes the swim from one to the other interesting and as always squeezing out through the small hatch at the rear of the crews quarters is a challenge (with 3 tanks).Β  With only a slight surge to contend with we are able to swim to the Torpedo Tubes and back again, just in time to start our ascent and although we are right next to the shot line Dan decides to shoot a SMB & leave our 2 co divers to enjoy the shotline on their own.