Mornington Pier – 24th August 2013

Divers: Paul, Mick, Steve, Chris, Youri, Ben, Push & Mark

With strong winds continuing over the past few weeks it was a relief to final be able to get back into the water, I can’t remember the last time we cancelled so many days in a row, my Shearwater dive computer said Surface Interval 23 days!! Hopefully this is the start of the good weather coming back, I’ve noticed we even have fog of a morning these days which is always a good sign of things to come. The building works have restarted at Morington Pier so hopefully it won’t be long now before the pier is complete. The new concrete wall offers very good protection from the swell, however I feel it may also detract from the atmosphere of the dive – creating a barrier that the fish will not swim around. Maybe once we get a bit of growth on the wall things might change. Swimming under the pier amongst the pillions has always one of the features of diving Mornington Pier.
However it will always be one of the better training areas for advanced diving. The other good news is that the water temperature seems to be climbing, I don’t know what it is exactly as I’m always too scared to look but it did feel warmer over the weekend.