John Nimmo – Friday 3rd January

Divers: Ben, Chris, Youri & Mark

When the boys wanted to sneak out for a cheeky early morning midweek dive I was keen to go along, especially when I saw it was the Nimmo on the schedule. At 1200 tons it is the second largest ship in the graveyard (I think), and one I have not dived for some 10 years. The Nimmo is not only a large ship it is also very much still in tact, which had always made it a popular site to dive. Once again we are rewarded with near perfect conditions, as we eave the jetty the moon is shining and the sea is oily flat, the viz was about 25 – 30 metres with no current. She is big, but we still manage to get from stern to bow in the one dive, although there is no time to be wasted. At 68 metres our Bottom Time is short (25 minutes) and our deco long (59 minutes) but it is worth ever minute of hanging in the water when you get these conditions. To really cover a dive site like this in detail requires dozens of dives, some how I think after the buzz on the boat that may well happen.