Kelp Beds Reef – Saturday 10th March 2012




Visibility: 10m +            Water Temperature: 20 Degrees

Divers: Bernice, Mick, Barb ,Michael, Mark, Vikki

My buddy, Bernice, has recently become a mum for the first time (congrats to Bernie!!), so to get a little ’me ‘ time, she left Bubs on the pier with Grandma (What a great idea!!) and joined us on the boat to dive Kelp Beds Reef. With schools of Old Wives swimming amongst the Kelp and Sea Grasses, this is  one of those dive sites that never disappoints. Rocky ledges and overhangs alive with soft corals, Sea Stars and Ascidians draw our curiosity, and we discover Blue Devils in large numbers hiding in the crevasses. Others doing this dive saw a Port Jackson, and a Sting Ray. On our way back to the pier, we stopped to watch a large school of Dolphins…what a great sight!!  A very relaxing dive enjoyed by all.

Thanks to Mick for the photos.