The Grotto – 25th February 2012

Visibility: 10m +                        Water Temperature: 21 Degrees
Divers: Barb, Bill, Ian, Matt, Mark, Vikki

We set out from Portsea Pier on the spacious charter boat that Dive Vic had teed up for us while one of its own boats was off being serviced. Such a smooth ride out to the dive site, plenty of room to move around and gear up, and to top it off…..a stair to walk up after the dive rather than the usual ladder……ticks in all the boxes!!!

With the line sitting in 28m of water, I strongly suspect that we didn’t dive The Grotto, but either way we dived a site that was very pretty, with abundant fish life, lovely soft corals, rocky overhangs and ledges housing Crayfish. My buddy, Matt, was trying out his new ‘twins’ and seemed quite comfortable in his new setup. A great dive was enjoyed by all!