Lonsdale Bommies - Saturday 13th December 2014

Lonsdale Bommies – Saturday 13th December 2014

Divers: Botters International & Son Inc., Bob, Ian, Vinnie, Mark Robbo, Vikki

Sunshine and great water conditions……Summer is here! Today we dived the Lonsdale Bommies. Above water the conditions were great, underwater there was a slight current that moved us through the water as we negotiated between the bommies and the crevices. Under the ledges we were hoping to spot some crays, and if lucky enough, capture one for the Christmas dinner table. Unfortunately there were no crays to be seen, however we did see some brilliant blue devils. Ian did a really good job sending up his SMB, just goes to show that practice makes perfect! After the dive we caught up with the early morning Aquability Tech Divers at the Rye pub for lunch. A great day was had by all.