Blairgowrie Jetty - Saturday 6th December 2014

Blairgowrie Jetty – Saturday 6th December 2014

Divers: Mark, Stuart and Dallas

The older readers of this report will recall the MSD or Melbourne Sports Depot in Swanston st. It was a sports shop long ago. MSD also stands for the three old sports men, Mark Stuart and Dallas, who found themselves at Blairgowrie pier on Saturday morning despite the rain and squalls that were whipping the Peninsular.  Having managed to get there we couldn’t leave without a dive. The visibility was better in the water than outside!. We did the usual casual cruise up the pier exploring the sponges and weeds that cover the pylons. The rain poured down above creating pleasant and unusual patterns above us. The highlights of the dive were the many Verco’s Nudibranchs (Tambja verconis) some of them on the move in open sandy areas and some copulating. The rain must bring them out. The other highlight was a sea snake (Purpulus plastica) which gave me a fright! We even saw two other groups of divers which reassured us we were not the only sportsmen who couldn’t resist getting wet.