Lonsdale Wall & Portsea Hole - Sunday 19th February 2023

Lonsdale Wall & Portsea Hole – Sunday 19th February 2023

Divers: Guy, Liam, Chris, Pete, Stephen & Mark

Yesterdays viz was still here, however, with the early start we didn’t get mid-day sun directly above us. It was still very good though, we dropped down to 40m our planned depth & spent the rest of our dive slowly drifting up along the wall. There are plenty of swim throughs & over hangs, a lot of the fish life seems to have been still be asleep, but of the Blue devils are still about. Once the tide turns we, under its control, drift along the top of the wall for a few minutes before starting our ascent. Our second dive was Portsea Hole, we were the first team in & dropped right down to 30m on to the sand, the flooding tide pushed us to the far side of the hole & when the tide turned it starts to push us back towards the way we which we had came, but far enough that we get us back to the wall. It was a great dive & not some thing you get to do every day.