White Pine – Saturday 25th February 2023

Divers: Chris E, Phil, Youri, Ben, Tim, Paul, Chris P, Josh, Seb, James, Nath & Mark

It’s been a while since we have been able to get out through the Heads to dive the Grave Yard. Conditions were almost perfect, oily flat seas, a gentle breeze kept the heat down even through it was still only 6.30am. At the surface, the water had a blue haze to it although the viz dropped to about 10m on the wreck, it was still very nice. The White Pine was an Iron Barque, so not a lot of fittings etc to see, but the what is there is very interesting, some of the timber decking is still in situ, like most yachts the bow & stern are where the action is. This was just the ‘teaser’ the boys needed to get then wanting more grave yard dives. So keep your eye on the itinerary.