Mordialloc Pier - Saturday 15h December 2012

Mordialloc Pier – Saturday 15h December 2012

Visibility: 2m                    Water Temperature: 18°

Divers: Madeleine, Vinnie, Mark, Vikki
Surface Crew: Barb

The thunderstorms passed over and the sun was shining through. Even though the water was a little choppy we all decided that we were happy to dive. A giant stride off the low water and straight down under the water. We swam towards the end of the pier, stopping to take photos along the way and to collect a few shells for Barb’s shell collection. Although there wasn’t much current under the water, the visibility became increasingly less and less as we swam back in towards the shore. By the time we reached the shallow water to make our shore exit, the water had become quite choppy. We made our exit safely and all agreed that although the conditions were far from ideal, that it is good to experience all kinds of conditions, this is what makes us better divers. Thanks to Barb for her help as surface crew.

There will be no shore diving on Saturday 22nd December (so all the shore divers (….Vikki) can finish their Christmas shopping!!). Shore diving will be back in full swing on the 29th December.

Best wishes to all for a wonderful Christmas