Mordialloc Pier - Saturday 23rd February 2013

Mordialloc Pier – Saturday 23rd February 2013

Divers: Geoff, Dan, James, Josh, Jarred, Mike & Mark

Another 30dregree day in Melbourne made the walk to the end of the pier long & hot, but once we had entered into the water and cooled off the dive was certainly worth the effort. We spent a total of about 150minutes all up in the water over 3 dives, we had quite a crowd of kids watching as we surfaced from time to time. Mordialloc al has always been a favourite pier with the kids & gets a good crowd in summer. There is an amazing array of aquatic life under Mordy Pier & l’m sure the boyz will be back there shortly for another dive to check it out now that they have a good understanding of  just how good their local diving is if they take the time to wait and look.