Devils Drop Off - Sunday 24th February 2013

Devils Drop Off – Sunday 24th February 2013

Divers: Geoff, Dan, James, Josh, Jarred, Mike & Mark

It was slack water just as we arrived at the dive site, so we wasted no time kitting up & jumping into the water, the shot had been dropped right on the edge of the wall & we were greeted at the bottom of the shot line by a giant sized Cuttlefish. We had a quick play with the Cuttlefish & then dropped over the wall & down to our planned depth of 28 metres. We were on the slack turning to flood, yet the viz was about 13-15metres already. What a wonderful part of the wall this is, plenty to see & lots of boulders, swim throughs and overhangs to investigate. Once our dive time is up its time to start our ascent, we send up our SMB and the start the ascent. Drifting up over the wall with flooding tide we are only in 9-10 metres of water as we do our 5 metre stop. This water is so clear that as we drive up the Queenscliff Creek I can see the bottom of the creek.