Mornington Pier – Saturday 2nd March 2013

Divers: Peter, Youri, Brenden, Ben, Jason, Mike & Mark

Strong Easterlies put an end to our boat dives for the day, so as is the norm we spent some time under the pier getting in some skills practice. Although not great, the conditions were still quite acceptable for the tekkies to spend some time underwater, in fact we spent 2 and a quarter hours practicing. The viz was about 5-7 metres and once on the outside of the pier there was very little surge. We have some great dives coming up this long weekend & everyone wanted to make sure their skills are finely honed. With the pier still not being completed, the fisherman cannot get out to the end of the pier  & therefore the aquatic life is abundant still!! Lunch back at Lilo and a few cold drinks was the perfect end to what was looking like being blown out day.