Mornington Pier – Sunday 10th October 2021

Divers: Daniel & Mark

Excited to be doing my first dive in 98 Days, I prepared my equipment the night before, just to make sure nothing went wrong at the dive site. The first problem I encountered was I couldn’t get the zip on my kit bag open!! 98 days surface interval had seen the zip jammed shut, that took about 20 minutes to sort out as I didn’t want to damaged the bag. The next issue was my mouth piece has a cut in it & although I had a spare mouthy piece no worries, I only had one zip tie. So I had to be extra careful not to break the zip tie.

Once I had over come these two minor issues, I was good to go. Dan & I can both get to Mornington with in our 15 km & so we decided to hook up & go for a dive. The conditions were ok but not great, the water temp was 14 degrees, it was high tide & the water had very greenish tinge. But it was a beautiful morning & we were just happy to be diving again. We did 50 minutes in the water and loved ever minute of it. A quick coffee at the coffee van and we were home in time for lunch :).

The forecast is looking good for next weekend, so if Mornington is in your 15km, & you want to go for a dive, Dan & I will be there again on Sunday.     




                         Mornington Pier