Mornington Pier – Sunday 17th October 2021

Divers: Seb, Josh, Daniel & Mark

While we are still waiting until we can do boat dives again, the crew went back to Mornington (which is in all of our 15km), working on our skills again. Although the water temperature hasn’t change much from last week, 14 degrees, the viz was a lot clearer. The fish life has really returned strongly with some nice sized fish, maybe 4-5 kilos, and plenty of them. I noticed a small sand ray swimming as hard as he could and not going anywhere. At first I thought he may have been trying to uncover some food, but after a few seconds, he just didn’t look right? Then I noticed fishing line that had caught on to a rock & seemed to run under my little swimming friend. I took the fishing line in my fingers and run it up under his belly. I found a fish hook that was hooked into his mouth. I was then able to twist the hook out and get him free. I was feeling very please with my self for doing my bit for my little aquatic friend, but, he gave me quite a fright when he swam straight under my chest and past my face, only inches away.  I’m sure it was his way of saying thank you 🙂

It seems we may not know what will be happening in regard to boat diving for another week or so.



Sand Ray